0029 – Glencoe Highland Scotland

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Glencoe Village is the main settlement near Glen Coe, Lochaber, Highland, Scotland. It lies at the north-west end of the glen, on the
southern bank of the River Coe where it enters Loch Leven a salt-water loch off Loch Linnhe).

The term ‘Glencoe Village’ is a recent one (appearing on a few road signs only in the last 20 years to differentiate it from Glen Coe itself), however the setting near the Glen Coe valley is quite historic as it is near the site of the Massacre of Glencoe in the 1690s, in which MacDonalds and Hendersons were killed by the Campbells acting on the orders of King William II.
The village is not actually in Glencoe but occupies an area known as Carnoch. Native Gaelic speakers who belong to the area always refer to the village as A’Charnaich, meaning “the place of cairns”.

Even today there is Upper Carnoch and Lower Carnoch.
A small hospital – currently empty – with emergency services at Fort William 16 miles away, lies at the southern end of the village just over an arched stone bridge.

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